Unity Box Physics Showcase

Souce code of above video: Public Domain License. UnityPackage

Ideas for some crazy programmer (use these ideas as you want, public domain license).

Idea: Minigame: For Disanity Party:
Win Condition: Max distance travelled by player. First player to fall off the ledge to the void wins.
Difficulty: crazy trolled physics / controls prevent normal functioning.

Idea: How about an artificial intelligence algorithm that tries to fit ai controls within contraints. That way you could procedurally generate realistic animations at runtime, make enemies behave as living creatures even though they are just a mesh, dodge player bullets, etc. It could be implemented with a machine learning algorithm, Bayesian network or whatever craziness hits your head. This idea is outside my scope, capacity, funds and wont be implemented. However you, if you are crazy enough, may find some use.


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